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Lose Baby Weight Post Pregnancy with Lean Mumma!

Lean Mumma is not another moniker for yummy mummy or a marketing term to denote being your sexiest as a mum. Lean Mumma means lean, as in lean mean fighting machine. Lean as in efficient, as in effective, as in capable, strong, and competent…and it means it physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Lose baby weight post pregnancy, keep it off and live a healthy, happy life!
Plus it means being all of those things for you, not your beloved, your friends, your kids, your neighbours or the guy across the street.Yes, Lean Mummas’ husbands generally find their wives more attractive physically as their bodies get leaner and tighter.  They also love that their wife’s are happier, less stressed, more confident, less self conscious, negative and tired.   Ultimately though, a Lean Mumma does the work on herself for herself, first and foremost.

Perhaps not initially, but ultimately it’s the benefits they gain for themselves (which make them better wives, mothers and friends) that motivates them to continue to grow and stretch themselves.

So yes, you will in many people eyes become a yummy mummy, but it’s not the motivator, it’s the by-product, and not a bad one at that.

Imagine a time in the near future when you wake up full of energy. You are looking forward to your day and what you have planned. You wake up with passion, purpose and vitality. This energy continues throughout your day as you eat for nourishment and a lean, strong body.

You perform all your necessary tasks and activities, and effortlessly fit in a total body workout that leaves you feeling even more energized and upbeat. You are patient and happy when surrounded by your kids, husband, family and friends, laughing and loving freely. You are deeply satisfied and content – with your health, your life and yourself. You are a Lean Mumma!

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