Clear Blue Skies – Marina Perry-Kuhn

I recently flew from Auckland to an Island just 30 minutes north called “Great Barrier” and no it hasn’t got “reef” on the end.

[Sidebar: I strongly recommend the trip for anyone who loves hiking, nature, and discovering hidden waterfalls.. oh and stairs!  Soooo many stairs!]


Sooo many stairs!

Anyhooo on our return flight the weather had closed in and we were possibly not going to take off, we did however, and the experience of that flight was as powerful and moving as the weekend of adventuring in some of the worlds most beautiful landscape.

Nicky, our Pilot, informed us that due to the poor weather, we would have to fly higher than usual to get above the cloud.

After take off we banked and ascended… it was dark, then grey and wet as we moved through the cloud, but as we broke through the uppermost limits of the clouds was the most beautiful sight … crystal clear blue skies with the setting sun dancing on top of the never-ending puffs of cloud that was acting as a fluffy doona to the sky’s ceiling and suns spotlight.

It was truly breath taking and inspiring. The thought I was most taken with at the time and the lesson I took was something I often talk with my coaching clients about – that the sky is always blue.  Always.

Clouds form above us and we think that the day is dark or rainy, but infact above the cloud the sky is always blue and clear.

So no matter how dark the day can seem due to the clouds (hoping by now you are getting the sense that clouds are just a metaphor for problems, concerns, obstacles, moods… whatever…and that the sky is life) if you chose to think a layer up, it is clear sailing.  Sometimes just waiting it out will have the wind move the clouds to reveal the beautiful sun and sky again.  But even better than waiting it out might be the comfort you gain form truly knowing that regardless of the current movement, actions, circumstance of the “clouds” the sky is always stunningly blue.

It's always blue skies up here!

It’s always blue skies up here!

Often many see what is not permanent or fixed as if it were so, when in fact it can be blown away as easily as clouds, and the best thing about your life is that often the changes in weather (or perspective) are completely in your control and can be created in an instant.  And even when they aren’t and someone else or something else has blonked a big black cloud over your world, just know that above that, is always blue sky… ALWAYS.

Much like problems not being able to be solved with the same approach and perspective with which they were created, so too can it be helpful to start to look at obstacles as malleable and transient objects…. ‘Clouds’ that will eventually pass or that can just transcended by flying higher.

As the year comes to a close I am wishing everyone blue skies and smooth flying …. But even more than a wishing clear blue skies all the time I would rather you gain the awareness that blue skies are not actually a gift to be given, received or build, nor do a lucky few get them – because it always there… and once that’s understood, you have the coolest gift… peace and joy….  and with it optimism, hope and an abundance of opportunity and freedom.

Here’s to the always blue sky xox

Marina Perry-Kuhn