Hard or Easy – Maybe It’s a Choice

By Marina Perry-Kuhn

Have you ever had the thought that losing weight and getting fit is hard? And your experience of it…. Has it been hard?

In life, we constantly seek to prove that which we believe. Sad, but true. We are constantly looking for repeated affirmation of that which we hold to be right.

For instance, if you hold to the belief that your father-in-law is a poor communicator, you will inevitably filter your experience of him to see evidence to support your belief. You continue to find evidence although there would be examples to illustrate the opposite too.

It recently occurred to me that this universal truth is possibly running rampant for people regarding health and wellbeing.

If you believe that it’s hard work to lose weight, it will be. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, you will create mechanisms of unconscious self-sabotage to continue to be ‘right’ in your world about it being hard.

The truth of the matter is, however, it’s not hard…In fact it’s easy, what is sometimes ‘hard’ or rather challenging is shifting your belief so you can choose to see the alternate reality.

Literally hundreds of Pure members lose weight, get lean and transform their bodies and their lives each year. They use our classes, Pure & Lean meal plans, Lean Mumma or Lean Team training systems and following the process within each of these, they create real and lasting change.

This transformation is no longer an ongoing attempt for them, the change is real and it can be real for all of us as well.

Is it actually hard to lose weight? No. Follow the right eating plan and exercise the right way and it is laughably easy. Head online and look at all the Lean Mumma, Pure & Lean, and Lean Team real life examples of this.

Many of us lie to ourselves in thinking that we’re doing what needs to be done. However, if we were truly doing what needed to be done it would already be done.

I don’t say this to antagonize anyone. I say it rather, to empower you to understand that the truth it is ‘hard’ that you have been telling yourself is not a truth at all. In fact, it is a big lie and you have been running a vicious circle on yourself to keep it true. If you actually ate what you know you should and moved more, would this result in weight loss and transformation? Yes and Yes.

A lack of weight loss and transformation occurs because you inadvertently perform habits/actions that slow, stall or even reverse the process. You might think it’s due to a lack of willpower or loss of motivation but have you ever considered that it’s just you creating a reality around your weight loss saga that keeps you being ‘right’?

Hmmmmm… a crazy thought right?

So what now?

Well I suggest trying on a new belief… that actually weight loss is easy for you. Because it is!!! If you just hold that frame of thought and eat as you should (maybe follow Pure & Lean or Lean Mumma meal plans) and move your body regularly, weight loss is easy… and deep down you know it!

Try on weight loss being easy for you and give yourself that gift to see how the experience of it feels… It might feel hilarious, empowering or enlightening… even – low and behold – EASY!

Wishing you easier, effortless transformation.

Marina  x