Hope, Hopelessness and Success – Marina Perry-Kuhn

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I believe the strongest motivator
is HOPE for all of us.

Regardless of whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, or whether
the glass is half full or half empty, hope is the rock that keeps us all
moving forward.

The optimistic hopes for more. More choice, luck, opportunity, love,
connection, appreciation, success, money, freedom, experiences.
The pessimist hopes for less. Less pain, bad luck, fear, judgment,

Of course, we can blend and hope for more love and freedom, and less
fear and rejection… but either way what pulls us forward is hope. Hope
to move further from less, or closer to more.

Some might argue that without hope, we fall into a state of
hopelessness and it is within this state that our survival is at risk. That
without hope and our enduring quest towards it, we have nothing.

So here is a thought about hope and achieving that level of success that
seems to consistently remain elusive for us.

If we hold to the hope of X, what might happen for us if we were to
achieve it? The hope would cease to exist and we would inevitably
create new hopes to hold, but for many it’s possible that your mindset
holds a subconscious thought that without the continual holding of the
pursuant hope, we would have nothing, and in lieu of nothing, we will
instead hold the hope of wanting.

I simply mean to say that many of us do not fear failure, but rather what
the achieving of our goals, hopes and dreams would leave us with.
It would literally release us from our MO of chasing that higher level,
leaving us with what? Nothing… or so our subconscious tells us. As a
result, perhaps we remain always chasing, never achieving because it
keeps us in a place of hope…

Hmmm…. Just something to think about.

M xxx