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Habits! Habits! Habits!

By Marina Perry

Half time. Time to take stock of where we’re at, how we’ve progressed, what’s worked and what changes are needed. Take an extra few minutes at the start of this week to jot down in your diary how you’re feeling about this being the half-way mark.

Happy with your progress? Exhausted from all the effort? Stressed out about a lack of perceived results? Energised? Tired? Content? Frustrated? Confused? Pumped?

Remember treatment and therefore solution only comes after honest analysis.

For those who are smashing through the mini-targets they set themselves and are clearly steam-rolling towards achieving challenge goals, this is the week to give yourself a huge pat on the back, acknowledge your effort, consistency and determination and then keep rolling with that motivation forward.

For those who are frustrated either by a lack of results thus far or a stalling in results, good thorough evaluation is required and potentially the seeking of external help and assistance if necessary. But now is definitely not the time to throw your hands up and declare failure and quit… quite the opposite. Sometimes weightless and fitness goals are similar to scientific experimentation or cooking… the balance of the ingredients/chemicals is key. Quitting now when you’ve spent five weeks testing and trailing would be like scientists giving up on the cure for a disease when they are only a few tweaks of reaching the cure. Remember you NEVER FAIL until you QUIT and if you NEVER QUIT you’ll NEVER FAIL.

So before a cook declares a recipe a failure they need to ask themselves how precisely they followed the recipe. There is a big difference between around a half a cup and close to 180degrees as any serious baker will tell you. For us challengers this means really HONESTLY evaluating how closely to you’ve adhered to your challenge rules. Often I find people might do three goods days of something in a week and say “I’ve been mostly good”… Ahhhh actually you’ve been good 42% of the time. By old standards that’s not even a pass in a subject. Following a recipe by only 40%, we wouldn’t hold high hopes for it perfectly representing the after picture.

An example of this I see often is with reference to that sanity saving ‘Cheat meal’ we’re allowed once per week which is justifiably a blowout on whatever you want (because you’ve eaten 100% clean the rest of the week), we tend to think that slight deviations from the plan at other meals don’t constitute a cheat meal because they aren’t a complete bonanza…. well hear me loud and clear on this, because its important. If it’s not your CHEAT meal, DON’T CHEAT!! Read that last sentence again and again please. Too often we have a bite of this or a taste of that or finish off the kids this or that… “but it’s not really a meal”… well guess what your body digests those calories whether you acknowledge them as real or not. The cheat meal strategy ONLY works for weight loss if it’s a once a week deal… if it’s lesser extravagant splurges but more often (and often without really acknowledgement and also appreciation) it will undo your efforts. Remember if you have your cravings for this or that and it’s not cheat meal time; don’t tell yourself you can’t have it. You just can’t have it NOW…. come cheat meal time its game on and you can choose to eat it then and enjoy every last morsel.

Also, remember the importance of planning. Sometimes we start challenges pumped up and we stock the fridge right at the beginning and prep our meals.. blah, blah, blah… come week three we’re drifting back into old habits of convenience and lesser nutrition. If you don’t change those habits (and sustain the new healthier habit) you will not change the way your body looks and feels. But sustained practice of the healthier habits WILL lead to them become the norm. Remain vigilant over your habits to ensure old habits don’t start to rear their ugly heads. If you need help with ideas on how to overcome a habit that is seemingly tricky to break … ASK US!!!

Water, water, water. We said at the start and I’m saying it again, as you lose weight (and burn fat) and modify and clean up your diet water is CRUCIAL to flush your system of the excess toxins it will have floating about. Plus with a reduction in calories water is your systems best bud to help boost feelings of satiety. Start early and aim to drink at least 1.25L by noon and another 1.25L by 5/pm…. the extra after that is a bonus. Plus your skin, hair, digestion and energy level will be reward alone. Make this your week for hydration to be a priority.

If you know where you’re going wrong (and often we do) then STOP. Seriously, when in your life are you going to do what is needed to get you where you want to go? If not now then when? That might sound a bit tough love-ish but seriously we only get this 30 day challenge once, sure there’ll be others, and there’s always next year, or the year after… or maybe just “when things settle down”, or “I have more time”. REALLY? If I waited till I had more time or things settled down, I know I’d never start. Life is NOW. The time you spent reading this so far is already gone, not to be seen again. So sure we can continue to make excuses for ourselves and opt out of putting in the last 20% tweak in diet/exercise but we will never attain the results we want, and my point is really this… the time since the start of September has already passed, the end of September will come and go, so put in the time, make the tweaks, follow the recipe 100%, keep pushing through because your breakthrough is coming, your perfectly baked good is baking away and just needs a little longer. Tweak, trail, test, review….Seek advice from your Lean Mumma trainers and keep working on finetuning your experiment that is your body. Give yourself and your body the opportunity to revel its true and whole potential to you without you getting in the way. Give yourself over to the process completely… commit 110% to the plan and follow through. Let NO ONE sway you… you still have time, huge changes are to come and at the end of this challenge if you commit, stay focused and throw out the excuses, you will be changed for the better is every imaginable way!

Mummy Madness – De-stress with Essential Oils

By Kristy Wiggins-Gilbraith

Life can be a real bear at times, and the pep talks from your best friends don’t always take the edge off of the stress you may be experiencing as a busy mum. Let’s face it, when you are in the middle of diaper duty, pumping milk, and feedings, the stress of being mom, as well as wife or girlfriend may feel a bit overwhelming. Stress and anxiety can cause mental and physical effects. According to WebMD stress can cause headaches, upset stomach, and low energy, as well as the inability to focus and poor judgment.
There are several healthy ways to handle stress including exercise, getting adequate sleep, massage, and eating healthy. However, if the aforementioned remedies are easier stated than done, there is still one more option, and that is aromatherapy. The use of essential oils is great for minimizing stress and anxiety because they tap into our parasympathetic nervous system, also known as “rest and digest”. Essential oils trigger our nervous system to relax, and move into a calmer state of being.

Essential Oils for Stress
There are many essential oils used in aromatherapy to address stress, and what you select is determined by how you ultimately want to feel, such as energized and alert or more relaxed. Essential oils can be used alone or mixed with other essential oils to create a synergistic blend. The following are the most popular essential oils for addressing anxiety according

  • Bergamot: Assists in relieving stress and depression accompanied by anxiety.
  • Clary Sage: Relieves stress and exhaustion, which are typically accompanied by anxiety.
  • Lavender: Relieves stress, assists in relaxing and getting to sleep.
  • Patchouli: Assists in relieving fatigue which is associated with stress and anxiety.

As a licensed massage therapist, my personal favorites to use are Neroli, Osmanthus, Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rosemary, Rose, Basil, Chamomile and Geranium. I have found these oils to be the best in aiding in relaxation and relieving anxiety.
Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can be placed in a diffuser, on a cotton ball or napkin without diluting. In the case of the cotton ball or napkin you would simply breathe in the essence of the oil through your nose. As with any medication including herbs and essential oils, you should check with your physician if you have any conditions that require medical care including pregnancy before using essential oils directly on your skin.

Acceptance – Marina Perry-Kuhn


What is it really?

No doubt if we asked 10 people we’d get 10 different answers, but here are my thoughts.

Acceptance is a gift. A gift we can give ourselves, and others.

Often it is our resistance to accept some things that creates tension, frustration, resentment, guilt, shame, and a whole range of other useless and non-productive emotions.

Imagine, if instead of resisting, we accepted. Accepted that whatever is, simply is. Now, let’s be clear. I’m not proposing that we all roll over and become apathetic, haha… anyone who knows me at all would know I would have to be under duress to write any such thing!!

Rather, I am speaking of acceptance in a much broader, dare I say, more powerful frame.

Imagine if you accepted that your sister-in-law behaves differently to you, chooses differently, and wants other things than you. Without trying to calibrate, correlate or correct.

Imagine if you accepted that you feel good in the company of certain people, more than others. Without trying to justify, explain or rationalise.

Imagine accepting that your partner simply doesn’t see certain things as you do, or feel that the same things are as important. And imagine if you didn’t make this mean that he doesn’t care or love you enough.

Imagine 

Imagine if you accepted that good and bad things happen.

Imagine if you accepted that some things are outside your control and simply are not your fault.

Imagine if you accepted that good people do bad things, and bad people do good things and even further than that, there is really no such thing as good or bad… there just is.

That’s actually getting a little closer to what I mean by acceptance.
Letting go of making meaning, imposing rational, creating reason for everything.


If you just accepted that you are you, and everyone else is to each their own. What a gift to you and them alike.

What peace and ease might come from that….

Imagine xxx