The Sisterhood of Lean Mumma

Its one thing to know what you should do, and another all together to actually do it.

Do you want to make serious positive changes in your life and have them be permanent?
Do you want to live your healthiest, most energized and inspired life ever?
Do you want to be coached though the process of performing the right exercise correctly and eating to effortlessly gain the body and health of your dreams ?
Do you want to track your success and share ideas with like-minded mothers?
Do you want support, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis?


Then being a member of Lean Mumma Membership website is for you…
Join the sisterhood today!

As a member you’ll receive:

  • A library of healthy eating meal plans and recipes that comply with the Lean Mumma Systems Dietary protocols.
  • A complete set of new meal plans each and every week
  • A library of workouts you can do from home or in the gym.
  • A new workout each and every week, written out for you to print or available on video for you to watch.
  • jjYour online journey journal to track your success and chart your progress
  • A library of videos outlining good form for essential exercises
  • Endless tips and strategies for success in health, fitness and life.
  • Interviews with outstanding mums and other individuals doing amazing things around the world.
  • Articles from leading experts in wellness, diet, exercise, family systems, relationship, self-awareness, wealth and self-development.
  • Access to the LM sisterhood private forum where you can share with and learn from other mothers who’ve joined the movement for healthier, fitter, happier families.
  • Special member discounts and VIP privileges to events, goodies, products and services.

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How does it work? How do I get started?

  1. Simply complete your membership request form (Click here)
  2. Select your preferred payment and term options (Strongly recommend platinum options to get all the amazing bonuses that it includes)
  3. Once registered head straight to the Journey Journal and complete your Lean Beginnings Profile….
  4. Check out all the cool content and join the forum
  5. Sit back, enjoy the abundance of information, inspiration and motivation that will begin coming to your inbox and computer!
    Absorb, integrate and unleash your potential….

I look forward to seeing you on the flip side.

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Nourishing from Within.

fuelBuilding Block D of the Lean Mumma Blueprint for body transformation is Diet.
This word is NOT used here in the deprivation sense, but rather in the old-school term simply meaning what we eat…. And make no mistake you are what you eat.

Eating for leanness, energy and an abundance of vitality and health is easier than most people think, often we just need the tools.
Tools such as delicious meal plans and ideas on how to enhance old-favorites and treats so they don’t derail our goals…
Well at LM we know this and that exactly what all our online sisterhood members get.
A treasure-trove of delicious and super nutritious recipes that they and their families will love… plus we give you new plans EVERY week so you can either choose to stick with your favourite ones (you know who you are) or add in a little variety and mix it up regularly. You’ll enjoy what you eat because they all taste ridiculously amazing but you’ll also love knowing that the meals are super nourishing and literally get your bodies metabolism firing on all pistons!

You can also hit the private forum to hear how all the other amazing Lean Mummas out there have enjoyed or modified the recipes for even more fabulous variations!

Lean Action

transformThis section of the sisterhood membership site is all about
moving your body in a way that develops its abilities – strengthening, fortifying and transforming it.
The Lean Mumma system uses a transitioning balance of the A, B and C building blocks over its 3 distinct phases to ensure you build a spectacularly capable, lean and functional fit body.
In this area of your website you will find:

  • Educational how-to videos to ensure you use perfect form for every exercise… who said you can’t afford a live-in trainer right
  • A library over flowing with innovative Lean Mumma workouts you can do at home, your local park or your health club. All levels of capability are covered so regardless of where you are on your journey you can keep progressing safely and efficiently.
  • A NEW workout each week that you can complete and comment in the forum on… sharing your successes with Lean Mums from all over the world.
  • EVERY workout can be downloaded and printed or watched in video format on your computer, ipad or phone… who said you can’t afford a trainer in your back pocket… not us, that’s for sure


forumNo man is an island… and no mother should be without the support and unconditional acceptance of her peers.
Raising well balanced children is the most important role a mother has – having a community to connect with, share with and learn from makes this sometimes daunting task all the easier.

It is not the absence of challenges or obstacles that we should be seeking in life, but rather the opportunity to grow, evolve and elevate ourselves as a result of these inevitable hurdles. Surrounding yourself with others also seeking to better embrace themselves and that best life has to offer is your surest way of eliciting your ultimate capabilities.

The Lean Mumma Private forum is a community linking a movement of mothers all around the world and in your local area in the journey of knowing and loving self, unleashing potential and experiencing abundance in all areas of life.
It is a tool to keep you connected, educated, up-to-date, and inspired on a daily basis… you can access it right from your phone or on your other tech devices.

Get tips from the LM team and other mums on how to make parenting easier, how to live healthier effortlessly and even on events and opportunities that might be of interest to you.


elevateThis phenomenal section of the Lean Mumma Sisterhood Membership site is all about growing. As a person, a mother, a partner and a friend.

Call it personal development, call it coaching, call it whatever you want… just get amongst all it has to offer.

In this exceptionally valuable area you will gain access to world-class experts in a variety of fields sharing with you articles, interviews, webinars and more on topics ranging from effective parenting strategies to enhanced communication skills for more harmonious and fulfilling relationships.
Nutrition and wellness experts dispelling myths and unveiling the real secrets to sustained optimal living.
The worlds best trainers in body re-composition letting you in on little known success strategies for creating the body of your dreams.
Personal development gurus helping you learn and apply in your life the tools used by the most successful people in the world to enable you to experience even greater

In fact the value of this section alone is literally a priceless gift. Consulting with even one of these experts individually would set you back thousands… thousands well spent mind you, but having it all bundled into your already amazing sisterhood site is fantastic. We do this because we recognise the importance of working on the whole…. When body, mind and spirit are thriving life is very sweet.

Click here to join the online sisterhood today
and begin enjoying even greater health, wellbeing, confidence and passion in your life today!