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Nothing beats training face-to-face with a certified Lean Mumma Tariner for proven results.

All Lean Mumma trainers are certified experts having completed full training at Lean Mumma Headquaters. They are THE experts in how to successfully transform your body, mind and life after children.

  • Training with a LM trainer eliminates the risk of not doing something quite right
  • Training with a LM trainer ensures perfect form and unparalleled results.
  • Training with a trainer prevents you from using old excuses and holding yourself back.
  • Training with a LM trainer means having a coach to hold you accountable and support you every step of the way along your journey.

The results are in the doing, and in the doing right.
Training face to face with a Lean Mumma Trainer in our intimate small groups means not only that you will take the action required to achieve your goals but that the action you take will be the most effective and efficient use of your time, delivering your exponential results in record time.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s a world of fun. You’ll make friends with the other mums in your group and those who are a part of the online sisterhood too. You’ll learn how to eat for a lean healthy body and how to integrate wellbeing effortlessly into your life and that of your families
Training with a LM trainer means you’ll:

  • Correctly, progressively and appropriately rebuild your body from the inside out
  • Experience more energy, strength and fitness than ever before
  • Be firm all over your body with a lean flat tummy to boot.
  • Develop a Lean Mindset that will empower you in all areas of your life
  • Have the hands-on-guidance of a expert in post-baby body re-engineering
  • Be guided expertly through the 5 step of the proven Lean Mumma System
  • Have the proven system tailored specifically to your body
  • Transform your body and love your life in the shortest possible time
  • Enjoy the benefits of community and time with other mums
  • Have fun, gain confidence and be the best role model you can be!

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How do I Train with a Lean Mumma Trainer?? In 5 easy steps thats how…

  • Step One: Find your closest certified Lean Mumma Trainer: Click here
  • Step Two: Submit an “I’m Curious About Becoming a Lean Mumma” Request
  • Step Three: Check your inbox for your free session invitation and all the details on when and where the sessions in your area are running
  • Step Four: Select a Free Session or Book a Casual Chat with your Local Lean Mumma Trainer
  • Step Five: Attend your chosen session/appointment and in doing so take the first step towards transforming your body and loving your life.